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Personal Training

At Elite, we develop programs that focus on you and your body. We don’t rely on prepackaged solutions. We’re here to help you move better and live better.

Transforming. Energizing. Motivating

We believe that being fit is such an energizing and motivating lifestyle choice it gives you the power to succeed in other areas of your life.

Personal Training Services

The treatment specialties provided by Elite PT include:

  • Interval Training – This type of training combines short periods of high intensity exercise with slower recovery phases during one single workout. At Elite PT, we structure the training individually to specific sports and your current level of fitness. By training both the aerobic and anaerobic systems, you experience physiological changes such as an increase in cardiovascular efficiency and an increased tolerance to the buildup of lactic acid. Interval training is effective in improving your performance without exposing you to injuries associated with repetitive overuse.
  • Strength Training – Designed to improve muscle strength and muscle tone, you will use barbells (free weights) and dumbbells in Elite PT’s strength training program. The results are stronger muscles and an improved posture to keep your body in balance. Strength training also helps you prevent injuries, prevent osteoporosis and tones, lifts and shapes your body. It can reshape problem areas and give you the strength and energy to assist with the strenuous activities of everyday life.
  • Nutrition – Physical and mental fitness are both enhanced when you engage in healthy eating habits. Our nutrition program stresses a balanced diet of lean protein, carbs and fat. Our customized program will help you increase your energy levels and reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.


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