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Physical Therapists

Whether you are a Physical Therapy student, a practicing Physical Therapist, or a practice owner we have tools to help you succeed.

At Elite, we have patients rave about the treatment and level of care they receive. This is thanks to a developed systematic approach for exercise progression that can guide our PTs decision making when it comes to treatment.

Does Any of The Following Describe You?

✓​​​​​​​ Tired of doing the same things over and over with your patients?

✓​​​​​​​ Frustrated with a lack of variety in your exercise instruction?

✓​​​​​​​ Disappointed in CEU offerings with respect to exercise guidance?

✓​​​​​​​ Irritated by the excessive cost for courses versus what you actually get out of it?

We want to help by offerning an invitation to our EliteMethod Annual Exercice Courses. These Courses Include:

  • Level 1 - Lumbar & Lower Quarter
  • Level 2 - Cervical & Upper Quarter

At these courses you will learn...

  • A Systematic Approach for exercise progression that can guide your decision making.
  • The Number 1 TEST to assess a patient’s overall functional status.
  • A proven Exercise Classification System to become more effective for ALL of your patients.
  • The Top 3 Exercises in each region of the body based on both PATHOLOGY and MECHANICAL problems.
  • The Number 1 Mistake clinicians make when attempting to prescribe exercises – (It’s not what you think!)
  • Why Stretching is often the WORST Exercise for most pathologies – and can actually slow down patient progress.
  • An awareness of how to Progress Patients BEYOND Functional Training, by using “Natural” Training Techniques – (There’s a big difference between Functional and Natural)

Learn more and sign up HERE.

The PT Gold Mine teaches Physical Therapists specialized sales & marketing tactics to create exceptional profits.

Do any of the following describe you?

✓​​​​​​​ Frustrated about having to "sell" to referral sources?
 Tired of POPTs taking over, while offering sub-par care?
 Annoyed with patients or referral sources that don't see the difference in PT practices?
 Anxious when you come face-to-face with a potential "buyer?"
✓ Irritated that you didn't go to school for THIS?

We want to help ease these stressors, and take away the fear of the unknown. Our results have proven results that will help you make more money, reduce anxieties, and improve your confidence.

With years of success, our Founder and Owner Biagio Mazza developed a full-day course to share his secrets to help you prosper.

This Full-Day Course Gives You:

✓ A Communication Framework to create ethical influence over everyone you choose to do business with

✓ Gate Keeper Jujitsu to avoid cold calling and build a network of diverse referrals, even when a "gate keeper" is in your way

✓ Validated Negotiation Skills to assist in the creation of a "win/win" perception, while you get exactly what you want

 Proven Marketing Tactics that allow you to stop confusing your attention on physician referrals

Learn more about The PT GoldMine here!

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