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About Us

Elite Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy brings something better to physical therapy in Kansas City-precise and personalized care that makes our patients happy


Compassionate, Expert Physical Therapy

Our Why:  Genuine care and connection creates extraordinary experiences and lives.

Our What: We Improve How you Move Through Life

Our How: With Personalized, Precise, and Elite care.

At Elite, you’ll find:

  • Individualized therapy

We combine manual therapy with a precise exercise program. Manual therapy mobilizes soft tissue and joints to improve posture, decrease pain, or increase motion—and exercise corrects the problem so it doesn’t recur.

  • Detailed examinations

We don’t treat problems, we treat patients. That’s why we complete a comprehensive assessment that looks at your biomechanics, posture, and muscle balance. And then we tailor a treatment plan that relieves the pain and addresses its underlying cause.

  • 100 % continuity of care

From the initial assessment through our one-on-one treatments, you’ll work with one physical therapist who continues to receive extensive training in our clinic’s comprehensive therapeutic approach.

  • Results

There’s a reason why physicians send us their patients. And there’s a reason why physicians choose us for their own therapy. We fix the people others can’t. We get results.

"If I need the services of Elite Physical Therapy in the future, I know I will receive the best care in the area"