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Top Exercise For Low Back Pain



By Biagio Mazza

There are many great exercises for low back pain. However, we are not actually going to give you a list because there are no "top exercises" for low back pain. It is all dependent upon what is causing your back pain.

There are any number of causes. Low back pain is not a diagnosis, low back pain is a symptom.

Is the low back pain itself coming from...

  • The disc?
  • The sacroiliac joint?
  • The ligaments?
  • The nerves?

What is causing the low back pain?

After you determine that, you can develop a program that allows you to know at a more consistent level what is going to work for each specific type of back pain.

So, until you have a diagnosis, back pain itself doesn't have any specific best exercises.

We urge you to tread lightly when you watch videos promoting the top exercises for back pain and other parts of the body. Without fully knowing what is causing your pain the given exercises may not be exactly what will correct your problem and rid you of pain.