3rd/4th Quarter, 2013

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What Happens When You Start With "Why?"

This diagram represents consultant, Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, and describes the common flaw of many businesses. While almost every business can tell you “What” they do and some are able to tell you “How” they do it, rarely is an organization able to articulate WHY they do what they do. I’m not talking about money or profit—these are the results of “What” you do. “Why” do you wake up in the morning? Why do you exist? Sinek contends that an organization without a clearly established “Why” is like a ship without a rudder.

At Elite, I made the mistake of confusing “What we do” (Physical Therapy and Wellness), and “How we do it” (Exceptional Customer Service, Amazing Therapists, Individualized Care, etc.) with the reason “Why” we exist. I was wrong! The reason it was difficult to find the words to describe our “Why” has to do with the fact that the limbic brain, part of the “old” brain that controls your emotion, does not have the capacity for language. So, the ability to speak about our Why was lost. This year, I had the opportunity to work through Sinek’s Why University—an online workshop to help me articulate my personal Why —and, in turn, the “Why” of Elite.

After many hours of work, I was able to articulate that we exist “To provide genuine care and connection, so that exceptional experiences and lives are possible.” We just happen to do that by providing World Class Physical Therapy. The reason it is so important for us to accurately articulate our Why is that organizations will only build loyalty with customers who believe what they believe! I now realize that our hundreds of physician and patient evangelists are SO passionate, because YOU believe as we do!

Success Stories

The following quotes are taken directly from 2013 testimonials. We are so blessed to share them with you during this holiday season!

"If my family or I need a therapist in the future, we will definitely go back to Elite!”

"I am so very grateful that my physical therapist had the knowledge and faith that I would improve as I recovered from injuries. I am in awe of how they knew exactly how to pinpoint and treat each compromised area. I am definitely a fan of Elite Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy!”

"I have been 100% satisfied, pleased, and assured that I am going to the BEST PT anywhere! I love being able to take classes at Elite led by therapists who watch my every move and ensure that I am doing the exercises correctly. I am a walking/talking recommendation of Elite’s therapy procedures!”

"The front office staff at Elite is incredibly helpful and always friendly! “

"My first experience with physical therapy was with Elite and it was a great one.”

"Although I don't hope to need physical therapy again, if I do, I'll look forward engaging Elite again.”

"The skill level, professionalism, ability to explain physiological issues and level of commitment to me and to the resolution of my issues have been outstanding. The quality of Elite's staff is unparalleled. Elite also has managed to staff their office with amazing, people-centered employees. When I get the opportunity, I always recommend Elite!”

"I send all my friends and family your way! You guys are the best-no question!”

If you are interested in providing a testimonial, email us at testimonial@eliteptkc.com