1st Quarter, 2013

Current Trends


Diabetes affects 25.8 million people, or 8.3% of the U.S. population. Among those 65 and older, the rate nearly triples to 27%. Another 35% have tested positive for prediabetes. Looking into the future, estimates suggest that one in three Americans born after 2000 will develop diabetes.

The Benefits of Exercise
The three cornerstones of optimal treatment for diabetes are medication, diet, and EXERCISE.

  • Lifestyle changes that include diet modifications and participation in regular, structured exercise have shown to reduce the development of Type II diabetes by 58% over a 3-year period.
  • Among adults 60 and older, the reduction increased to 71%!
  • In individuals with prediabetes, research has revealed diet and exercise to be more cost-effective than medications in preventing or delaying the onset of Type II diabetes.

Although exercise is critical for optimal health in individuals with Type II diabetes, the rate of participation in regular exercise is lower than individuals without the disease.

How Physical Therapists Can Help

  • Physical Therapists are uniquely qualified to provide safe, effective exercise programs for people with chronic diseases such as diabetes.
  • Physical Therapists will work with clients to implement strategies to overcome the challenges of making exercise a lifestyle change.
  • Physical Therapists can also screen for orthopedic issues or movement limitations and adjust exercise routines accordingly to prevent injury and pain.
  • Individuals who participate in supervised training for their diabetes have shown greater compliance to exercising and better blood glucose control than those who do not seek assistance.

Success Stories

Chronic knee pain led me to have microfracture surgery on my right knee. After committing eight weeks to the healing process, which entailed bearing no weight, spending eight hours a day in a CPM, and the rest of the time in a knee immobilizer, I wanted my rehab to be successful. I looked around for a therapist and a facility that would be as committed to my outcome as I was. I called several providers and asked lots of questions. My initial contact with the front desk personnel at Elite was informative and pleasant, but when my questions became more specific, I was referred to the owner, Biagio Mazza.

Biagio took the time to explain the rehab process, and assured me that I would work with one of the PTs that specialized in knee rehab. He was confident in his therapists and that after working with them, I would be on my way to a full recovery. The facility itself is well designed. It is clean, aesthetically pleasing, and it is easy to park close to the door (That is critical when you’re on crutches!) I have taken my daughter to Elite when she had a sports related injury, and have recommended it to others. If my family or I need a therapist in the future, we will definitely go back to Elite!

Diane S. – Overland Park

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  • Dustin Duewel, personal trainer, and Mindy Gray, group yoga instructor, joined Elite’s team.
  • IT’S HERE!—One on One Personal Training­Weight Loss, Diabetes Specific Exercise Program, Strength Training, Yoga, and Pilates are currently available. Best of all—YOUR FIRST SESSION IS FREE.
  • Are you worried about your balance, flexibility, or strength? Kim Galbreath, PT, CEEAA (Certified Expert in Exercise for Aging Adults), is leading a new class that will focus on flexibility, strength, and balance for older adults. TRY YOUR FIRST CLASS FOR FREE!
  • Do you experience pain while playing golf? Do you have difficulty making the swing adjustments your golf pro suggested? Contact Elite’s Golf Performance Program Director, Tim Cummings, PT, DPT, TPI-GFI for help. Tim will help you identify flexibility, strength, or postural limitations that affect your game, and prescribe corrective exercises and a fitness routine to help you reach your potential on the course.
  • PT Kristie Meyer returned to Elite following her Maternity Leave.