1st Quarter, 2011

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Is Physical Therapy Better….?
I will admit that you are going to get a totally biased view from a PT as to how “we” compare to other treatment options. I often tell patients, "I don't care what gets you better, as long as you get well." I truly believe this.

However, I am frequently asked to compare PT with the following:

MASSAGE: Palliative modalities feel great. I think the world would be a better place if we could all afford a massage once a week. Unfortunately, passive treatments cannot "fix" musculoskeletal pathology. Feeling better does not equate to a biomechanical correction.

ACUPUNCTURE: Similar to massage, acupuncture can provide pain relief, relaxation, and an improved sense of well being. That being said, the underlying movement impairment that led to the problem is still not addressed.

CHIROPRACTIC: My most common question… Many people equate the words "manipulation" with "chiropractic." This is simply not accurate. Skilled PT's can perform manipulative therapy when needed. Again, from a corrective standpoint, manipulation without biomechanical training leaves out a large part of the equation.

MEDICATIONS / INJECTIONS ALONE: While medication can decrease symptoms, it cannot correct mechanics. However, decreased pain can enhance muscular function. This can substantially enhance therapeutic strength and function.

There are essentially 6 keys to success in patient care of orthopedic issues.

  1. Determine the REASON for the problem.
  2. CONTROL the symptoms.
  3. RESTORE mobility.
  4. IMPROVE strength.
  5. REDUCE postural stress.
  6. IMPROVE overall fitness.

Physical Therapy is the only treatment method that addresses all 6 of these goals. Elite Physical Therapy is here for you – to help you improve how you move through life!

Success Stories

In November of 2010, I had shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff. After 6 weeks of going through the healing process, I was referred to Elite to begin Physical Therapy. I don't mind saying that I was not looking forward to going through this at all. I had heard all kinds of horror stories about pain and therapists that were somewhat uncaring about what patients were going through.

To my delight, Elite was wonderful and my therapist was exactly the opposite of uncaring. She was caring and sympathetic to my fears and discomfort and never pushed me beyond what I could do. But, she was determined that I would return to my life as it was before the surgery. Her patience and perseverance returned me to my physical condition prior to my injury.

I love to garden, ride my horses, and play golf. All of which I have now been able to pursue again, thanks to her. I would highly recommend ANYONE who is restricted by pain, surgery, or other physical problems to make Elite one of your first priorities!

Forever Thankful,

Barbara B., Kansas

If you are interested in providing a testimonial, email us at testimonial@eliteptkc.com


LEGAL UPDATE!! The Missouri Physical Therapy Practice Act has changed. Nurse Practitioners are now able to refer directly to Elite Physical Therapy. Referrals to Elite are accepted by Physicians, Physician Assistants, APRN's, Dentists, and Podiatrists.

FIRST CLASS FREE! Mat Pilates, Core Strength, Total Body Strength, and Golf Specific classes have all been added to the Wellness Department schedule. Although everyone is welcome to attend, these classes are PERFECT for transitioning patients beyond traditional PT at an affordable price. Check out eliteptkc.com for more information.

For those of you who are ready to get serious about your health and fitness, personalized one-on-one training sessions are also available.

Erin Ward began employment as a Patient Service Specialist in January.

Angie Gutierrez, PT recently completed a clinical internship at Elite and will begin employment in July.


  • Kim Pointer, PT and husband, Corey, gave birth to son Henry Don on February 18th.
  • Tim Cummings, PT recently completed a Titlist Performance Institute certification in golf performance training.
  • Chris Pedroza, PT recently became engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Lisa.

Skill level, education, specialization, and quality of care can vary tremendously from one practice to the next.

World Class Care is available for you right here in the KC Metro! Contact us at Elite!

Tips & Tricks

8 Secrets to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

  1. Make yourself accountable to someone other than yourself. Log your exercises (either at home or at the gym) in a journal.
  2. Self confidence is critical. Believe in yourself and your ability to become stronger, healthier and more functional. If you think you can, then you CAN!
  3. Visualize yourself stronger, with increased energy, as if you already achieved your goals. Positive expectations of health, vitality and energy are helpful to improve your health and well being.
  4. Be aware of what you eat. Fat has twice the caloric density of carbohydrates and protein. Limit your fat intake and consume a balanced diet containing lean protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
  5. Get into the habit of reading nutrition labels at the grocery store. Not all foods are created equal. Make a conscious decision to shop for natural foods and increase the variety of foods you consume.
  6. Never skip meals, especially breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day, so start your day right with a healthy breakfast. It will get your metabolism going and keep your appetite and blood sugar in check as the day progresses.
  7. Consistency is key - exercise at least 3-4 times a week.
  8. Challenge yourself each week - gradual progression is the only way to improve. Stay within the limits of pain.