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Free Downloadable Resources

Free Downloadable Resources To Support Your Best Health At Home

At Elite Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy we pride ourselves on precise, personlized Physical Therapy. This includes one-on-one appointments with the same physical therapist, and customized take-home exercise plans to ensure that you experience healing, and live an active live without limitations.

While we wish we could help every person every day in that fashion, we know that we simply cannot. However, we can provide resources that contain tips, tricks, and information that is a great fit for most people.

Our Downloadable Resource Library includes...

  • A Balance Quiz to test your knowledge on the importance of having great balance to prevent falls and improve your overall health.
  • A Seated Core Exercise Guide to help you build core strength while staying seated in your chair.
  • A Full Body Foam Rolling Handout to help guide you through foam rolling to improve recovery, mobility, and decrease pain.
  • Rest Day Tips to ge the most out of your recovery periods.
  • TMD/TMJ Treatment Options if you or a loved one are experiencing jaw pain/tightness, headaches from clenching/grinding, etc.

If you have any questions always feel free to reach out to us directly.

As always, if any of the exercises give you pain or feelings of restriction do not hesitate to give us a call at

(913) 888-0014 to schedule an appointment with one of our top-knotch Physical Therapists.

Download the Balance Quiz and test your knowledge today!

Download our Seated Core Exercise Guide and begin building a stronger core today!

Download Our Full Body Foam Roll Sequence to recover quicker, and better.

Download Our Top Tips To Improve Your Rest & Recover Days

Learn More About TMD/TMJ Treatment At Elite

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