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Lower Back Pain

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3rd Quarter, 2012

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New Research is Proof:

It is widely accepted that 80% of our population will experience acute Low Back Pain (LBP) sometime in their lives. While most cases of LBP will resolve within 4-6 weeks, over 60 percent will have a recurrence within 1 year. The good news is that early Physical Therapy (PT) intervention has been proven to decrease additional treatment down the road – leading to savings in both time and money.

As a clinician, I have always thought this was the case. Research by therapist Julie Fritz in May of this year proves that fact. A new study published in the medical journal Spine shows that early treatment by a physical therapist for LBP was associated with less risk of subsequent health care utilization and lower overall health care costs than delayed treatment.

Over 32,000 patients who experienced an acute episode of low back pain were put into 1 of 2 groups:

Patients who were placed in PT within 14 days.
Patients who were in PT between 15 and 90 days after consultation.

Results were very clear. Those who were referred to a physical therapist early showed a reduced risk of subsequent health care utilization and experienced lower overall health care costs than did those patients with delayed treatment by a physical therapist.

If you suffer from back pain, don’t wait to try PT! Ask your physician about PT and be an advocate for your own care.

Success Stories

I am so happy that I discovered Elite Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. My experience as a patient was wonderful. My physical therapist listened to me and was concerned with my wellness. I had individual and thoughtful treatment that focused on my condition and my input. My therapist also taught me very important concepts about my body mechanics, posture and exercise.

It is a pleasure to walk into your facility. The entire staff makes you feel welcomed, valued and important. I’m thrilled that I can continue working on body awareness and exercises through the exercise programs you offer. You have developed and deliver an excellent level of care and I am most grateful for it.

Kathy O. – Overland Park

If you are interested in providing a testimonial, email us at testimonial@eliteptkc.com


  • Erin Shaffer, PT joined Elite’s team in August. Erin graduated from KUMC in 2007 and along with PT Angie Gutierrez, earned her level II manual therapy certification on May 19th.
  • PT’s Julie Buttell, Kristie Meyer, Erin Mooney, Chris Pedroza, Kimberly Pointer, Matt Timm, and Justin Trent passed their manual therapy certification exam for the cervical spine in September and earned the designation Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT).

    “ I just wanted to tell you how impressed Jean-Michel and Greg were with the preparation, thoroughness and performance of your entire group during their certification last month. I just got the results back, and I can tell you we've never had such a high-scoring group in total. All of your PTs absolutely killed it. You should be VERY proud.”

    Sharon Fitzgerald, International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine (IAOM)
  • Elite is planning on expanding our wellness offerings to better serve our customers. The first addition, Massage Therapy, will be coming soon. Please stay tuned…


  • PT Tim Cummings and his wife Jessica gave birth to baby boy Aiden
  • PT Kim Galbreath earned her certification as an Exercise Expert for Aging Adults
  • Patient Service Specialist Christine Dunne was married Aug 28th

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